Yann Brien

Henrietta House

This commission was the first set of large-scale murals I ever made, and was as exciting as intimidating, not to mention a steep learning curve and bumpy ride.

I was commissioned in 2021 by Art Source to make a set of 3 wall paintings for the 5th floor of CBRE’s London headquarters, Henrietta House (W1).

At the start of this project, I went back to a couple of books about perception and psychology, as I was thinking of this commission as an ongoing experience for the people working in this building. As they would coexist with these pieces for a while, I tried to make the latter as open as possible, so that they could become empty vessels everyone could project oneself on, possibly attribute meaning to, and which would gradually blend into the background of everyday life.

Most of my work explores our ongoing relationship with the notion of structure, and what we call reality, which is merely a subjective mental representation of the world around us, filtered by our limited sensory apparatus. 

Each piece is based on principles derived from Gestalt psychology and has a limited colour palette, offering a subject matter vibrating between different states or planes and playfully exploring the relationship between structure and perception.

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